Email Tips: Major Doctrines Affected

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 .

There are hundreds of English Bible translations that contain thousands of differences. (Some remove entire verses!)

Don’t believe the myth propagated by Bible salesmen that no major doctrine is affected by the differences.

Would it surprise you that the differences affect verses that teach doctrines such as:

– The deity of Christ
– The three-in-one (trinity)
– The virgin birth of Christ
– The resurrection of Christ
– The sufficiency of scripture

These are major doctrines of Christianity, at one time called the fundamentals of the faith!

Did you know “dispensation”,”study”, and “rightly dividing” are removed from most Bibles?

The salesman responds that you can still teach these doctrines from other verses in most Bibles.

Perhaps, but this is like playing with fewer players on the field. Can the Warriors still win if they removed Stephen Curry and played with only four players?

I can still eat with fewer teeth, no need to brush. I can still type on the computer if I lost a few fingers, right?

If your new car is not firing on all cylinders it will still get down the road, so why do you care so much about the small details?

I’d rather have all the players on the field, all the fingers on my hand, all the teeth in my mouth, and all the doctrines 100% intact in my Bible.

A Bible imperfectly preserved is not as good as one perfectly preserved.

Next time you hear “no major doctrine is affected by the changes”, do your research, and explain that you want a Bible where every word of God has been perfectly preserved.

You’ll find yourself picking up a King James Bible.

For His glory,

Justin “no doctrine affected” Johnson

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