About Grace Ambassadors


Sundays, 10:00am-11:00am

Our 10 o’clock meeting is reserved for you to ask your Bible questions. We are the only church in town that gives you time to ask questions.

If no questions are asked there is either a lesson or commentary on news items from a mid-Acts Bible believing dispensational perspective.

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Sundays, 11:15am-12:30pm

Our second meeting on Sunday morning is reserved for a topical lesson or preaching from the Bible rightly divided.

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Tuesdays, 7:00-8:15pm:

Our Tuesday meetings are reserved for going through the Bible verse by verse. These meetings are exegetical studies from a dispensational perspective.

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What to expect when you visit:

We know there is a smorgasbord of churches from which people can choose. Competing for your attendance is not our objective. If you are not open to our beliefs then please go somewhere else so everyone will feel more comfortable.

Yet, if you are looking for sincere people seeking answers to empty tradition and doctrinal confusion then you have come to the right place. The way we do things may be how you always thought it should be done.

When you walk in our door you need not fear being mobbed by trained greeters. If anyone says ‘hello’ it is because they genuinely mean it. Please grab a seat, take some free literature, and start listening.

You may hear some music playing and even a few people humming tunes but you’ll notice there is no place for a choir. Though some people in our group love music and singing, music is not the focus of our Bible study meetings. You will not be forced to sing songs nor will we try to manipulate your emotions with cheap sentimentality. We want your mind sharp and awake for critical thinking.

Before every meeting we ask for questions. Our meetings are always open and flexible to the needs of the church. Here, the people in the pew can set the agenda!

Speaking of the pews, you may see a variety of people sitting in them each with their own fashion sense (or lack thereof). We have no dress requirements beyond the basic rules of modesty. Some wear ties, dresses, and slacks. Others wear flannel, overalls, and tennis shoes. Please knock the mud off your shoes at the door.

There will be no ushers or collection plates since we do not teach tithing. The church’s financial needs are met monthly. We wish you would keep your money until you are fully persuaded by the doctrine (especially if you are in debt). You can find our entire budget on our literature counter. Notice that there is no budget for a salaried pastor.

When the pastor stands up we realize that he is not closer to God than the rest of us. So we give a chance at the end of the meetings for you to grill him with questions about what was taught.

It is not unusual for the speaker to hand out outlines, resources, or sermon notes before he speaks so that you will know exactly what is being presented. There is no copyright on God’s word nor do we want to sneak anything by you without giving Biblical support, rightly-divided of course.

Beware! When Bible study starts we will be comparing verses with other verses so that you can reason based on God’s word and not on pastoral commentary. We would encourage you to look at the passages yourself. Our sole authority is not a statement of faith or denomination but the Bible on your lap.

When all is finished please stay to meet the people in our group. We hope that you will discover what we have that getting straight answers about Bible doctrine is the best way to grow in spiritual understanding.

We are not perfect people, nor do we have perfect understanding, but we do have a passionate interest in better understanding God’s purpose and serving him wholeheartedly. If this is your desire then we would be glad to see you at one of our meetings!

For Children:

We will be more than happy to provide childcare during any service for children birth through 11 years. Children will take part in their own Bible study and lesson appropriate for their age.