A Bible that Does Not Change

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Saturday, November 19th, 2011.

Every day I read a 400 year old book, which is a translation of a 2000 year old book, which has a heritage of nearly 4000 years. There is no other book that is as perfectly preserved as this book.

Consider that King James Bible has been published for 400 years. If we had no other manuscript evidence we can be confident in the preservation of scriptures for 1/4 of Biblical history using only this one book. It has not changed.

We can go even further into the history of preservation using only other English translations which match the King James Bible.

Changing the reading of the Bible every 15 years is a recent invention by faithless Bible translators.

If you want a Bible still published that does not change, there is only one. If you want a Bible that is perfectly preserved throughout history, understood by the majority of English speaking people, and used by the greatest spiritual minds in history, there is only one.

You cannot find a copy of the Matthews, Bishops, or Tyndale very easily. When you are reading a King James Bible you are not just reading a modern translation like the NIV or NASV. You are reading the most valuable piece of Biblical preservation in existence. If you are serious about studying the Bible there is no good reason to have any other English translation.

For his glory,

Justin Johnson

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