Mid Acts Dispensational Commentary


Acts of the Apostles Series (audio)

Acts is the sequel to Luke’s gospel explaining to Theophilus Jesus’ ministry to Israel, and how they rejected his salvation. Acts continues on this theme with the Acts of the apostles in ministry to the circumcision and their continued rejection of the Holy Spirit empowered apostles.

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Verses Description/ Video MP3 Outline
01. Acts Introduction Download Outline
02. Acts 1:1-8 The Jerusalem Commission Download Outline
03. Acts 1:8-16 The Ascension of Christ Download Outline
04. Acts 1:16-26 Replacing Judas Download Outline
05. Acts 2:1-4 Pentecost and Baptism with the Holy Ghost Download Outline
06. Acts 2:4-12 Speaking in Tongues Download Outline
07. Acts 2:13-36 Peter Preaches Christ Download Outline
08. Acts 2:37-38 Repent and Be Baptized Download Outline
09. Acts 2:39-45 The Pentecostal Church Download Outline
10. Acts 3:1-16 Peter in the Temple Download Outline
11. Acts 3:17-26 Spoken Since the World Began Download Outline
12. Acts 4:1-22 The First Arrest and Inquisition Download Outline
13. Acts 4:23-34 Apostolic Prayer and Power Download Outline
14. Acts 4:32-5:11 Kingdom Provision and Punishment Download Outline
15. Acts 5:12-42 Fighting Against God Download Outline
16. Acts 6:1-7 Serving Tables and Deacons Download Outline
17. Acts 6:8-7:1 Stephen Full of Faith and Power Download Outline
18. Acts 7:1-54 Stephen’s Final Testimony Download Outline
19. Acts 7:55-8:4 Stoning Stephen, Persecution, and Scattering Download Outline
20. Acts 8:4-26 Philip and Samaria Download Outline
21. Acts 8:26-40 Philip and the Eunuch Download Outline
At this point we interrupted our study through Acts to study Hebrews.
This 21 week study of Acts 1-8 was recorded from 08/2015 to 01/2016.
22. Acts 9:1-2 Introduction to Mid-Acts Download Outline
23. Acts 9:1-9 Saul’s Salvation Download Outline
24. Acts 9:10-31 Saul’s Mission Download Outline
25. Acts 9:31-43 Peter’s Three Miraculous Visits Download Outline
26. Acts 10:1-35 Peter Sent to a Gentile Download Outline
27. Acts 10:35-48 Peter’s Message to Cornelius Download Outline
28. Acts 11:1-18 Peter’s Defense to the Circumcision Download Outline
29. Acts 11:18-30 From Jerusalem to Antioch Download Outline
30. Acts 12:4 A Word Not to Passover Download Outline
31. Acts 12:1-25 Herod’s Sword and the Remnant Download Outline
32. Acts 13:1-13 Paul Blinds a Jew While a Gentile Believes Download Outline
33. Acts 13:14-52 Paul Turns to the Gentiles (Antioch) Download Outline
34. Acts 14:1-28 Paul’s Persecutions (Iconium, Lystra, Derbe) Download Outline
35. Acts 15:1-12 The Gospel of the Uncircumcision Download Outline
36. Acts 15:13-19 Gentiles in Prophecy Download Outline
37. Acts 15:19-41 The Epistle to Gentiles Download Outline
38. Acts 16:1-15 Paul Abounds (Galatia) Download Outline
39. Acts 16:16-40 Paul in Prison (Philippi) Download Outline
40. Acts 17:1-15 Paul Goes to Synagogues (Thessalonica) Download Outline
41. Acts 17:14-34 Paul Goes to Mars (Athens) Download Outline
42. Acts 18:1-28 The Jews in Corinth Download Outline
43. Acts 18:18-19:9 The Way of God More Perfectly Download Outline
44. Acts 19:8-41 Special Miracles by Paul (Ephesus) Download Outline
45. Acts 20:1-16 Paul’s Hope for Israel Download Outline
46. Acts 20:17-38 Paul’s Pattern Left to the Ephesians Download Outline
At this point we interrupted our study through Acts to study other books.
This 25 week study of Act 9-20 was recorded from 03/2018 to 10/2018.

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Paul on Trial Series
Acts 21-28 Paul on Trial: Introduction Download Outline
Acts 20-21 Paul on Trial: The Jerusalem Riot and Arrest Download Outline
Acts 22 Paul on Trial: Paul’s Public Defense Download Outline
Acts 23 Paul on Trial: The Trial in Jerusalem Download Outline
Acts 24 Paul on Trial: Trial in Caesarea Download Outline
Acts 25-26 Paul on Trial: Paul’s Witness before Kings Download Outline
Acts 27-28 Paul on Trial: Jew First, and also the Gentile Download Outline
Acts 28 Paul on Trial: Salvation sent to the Gentiles Download Outline
This 8 week study of Paul on Trial was recorded from 07/2014 through 08/2014.

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