God’s Words Translated

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Saturday, March 16th, 2013.

In Genesis 11:7 God confounds the language of humanity. From that point on men who think the same thoughts, had the same feelings, and experienced the same world used different words to speak.

As men began to learn other languages they could translate the words of one language into the words of another. We have been doing this for millennia. God could do it supernaturally in Acts 2:6.

In Exodus Moses spoke Egyptian to the Pharaoh, but every written record we have is translated into another language like Hebrew. Moses translated what the Lord said into Egyptian and said, “Let my people go.”

Nothing was lost in translation.

Acts 22:1-2 records Paul speaking in Hebrew to his kinsmen in the flesh, while Romans (ignorant of Hebrew) stood by. Paul’s words in Hebrew were translated into Greek and then into English.

We have the words Paul spoke in Hebrew in English. Words can be preserved through language. If words can be preserved through language, how much more God’s words.

The doctrine of preservation says that words can be preserved through languages. The Bible gives testimony to this in many places.

You can trust the translated words in your Bible to be God’s words. The original writers did.

For His glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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