Email Tips: Find Meaning in Interchangeable Words

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 .

Have you ever considered how words are defined in the dictionary?

Physical objects may have a picture which speaks a thousand words, but for many words pictures are inadequate.

Most often words are defined using other words! Words that mean something similar or describe the same are provided for definition.

When our mind interchanges the unknown word with the words in the definition, a light bulb turns on, and we begin to understand what the original word means.

Interchangeable words are how we find definition. Finding interchangeable words in scripture is a good way to describe words and things in the Bible, and great tool for studying Bible doctrine.

Find your own and start a list of Bible definitions by looking for words used interchangeably. Here are a few to get you started…

‘seer’ and ‘prophet’ – 1 Samuel 9:9
‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘God’ – Acts 5:3 & Act 5:4
‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ – Acts 7:59
‘spoken by the mouth’ and ‘foretold’ – Acts 3:21 & Acts 3:24
‘testament’ and ‘covenant’ – Heb 9:15 & Heb 12:24
‘counted unto him’ and ‘imputeth’ – Rom 4:3; 4:5; 4:6

For His glory,

Justin “webster” Johnson

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