Email Tips: Use a Dictionary

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 .

You are never too old to use a dictionary.

It is the most important study tool you can own other
than your Bible. Definitions of words get distorted.
Look them up.

A good dictionary of the language will supply you
with the meaning, pronunciation, and perhaps
etymological information.

Look up related words or words in the definition to
get further insight. Sometimes simple words
like ‘walk’ are read but never studied.

Many words have more than one definition. This
requires you to look at the context. Many times
when a pastor destroys your English Bible by
saying ‘the Greek word here means’, it is merely
another definition of the same English word!

With an exhaustive English dictionary you can
gain the meaning of every word in your Bible
without knowing Greek or Hebrew.

I would suggest Webster’s old 1828 at first since it
is dated closer to the words in the King James Bible.

For his glory,

Justin ‘the English word means’ Johnson

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