Email Tips: Single Verse Doctrines

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 .

There is plenty of false doctrine floating around Christianity that will waste your time. Here is another tip to identify them.

If there is only one verse in all of God’s word that can support a teaching take two steps back.

The Bible has 31,102 verses. The most important truths have more than one verse explaining them.

If someone defends a doctrine dogmatically that only has one verse for support it is time to move on.

Either the doctrine is wrong and not from the Bible or it does not deserve such a dogmatic defense.

In both cases you are wise to avoid the one giving the dogmatic defense.

Bible study for them is not comparing all 31,102 verses. It is finding a single verse and squeezing it until it bleeds.

They cannot discern the potential destruction caused by twisting a single verse the wrong way.

Many people have been destroyed by zealous teachers of false doctrine that are built upon a single obscure verse.

Do not build life changing doctrines taught from only one verse, or trust those who do.

For His glory,

Justin Johnson

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