Email Tips: Teach the Children

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 .

The goal of teaching children is to get them to think as adults.

When they do not think like adults we understand why: they are children. But we show them where they are wrong and press on toward the goal of producing mature persons.

From the way many children are taught, you would think that people want them to be children forever! These children never grow up as they get older. They don’t magically like to study when they get older either.

The children’s class at Grace Ambassadors has the function of producing adults when it comes to doctrine. Our tutor, Miss Jenny, has 6-9 year old children diagraming verses and comparing KJV scripture with KJV scripture.

Some may think this is too hard, but children learn difficult things easily. Her students know the difference between prophecy and mystery, and some can even explain why. They will be equipped when faced with adult questions about God and the Bible.

Some of the lessons in the children’s class include Bible manuscripts, God’s character, prophecy, Israel vs. the Church, Christ’s propitiation, and their identity in Christ. Does this sound like courses found in modern seminaries to you?

This says more about seminaries than it does our children.

For His glory,

Justin “teach the children!” Johnson

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