Email Tips: People Who Cannot Read

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 .

Not everyone can read. Others cannot read well. For those who don’t read they might as well not know how.

Paul exhorts us to study to show ourselves approved unto God, but for some, study seems impossible. They failed grade school, and never went to college. How can they possibly understand the Bible.

A Ph.D is not required for Bible comprehension.

Bible Christianity has always been a driving force for greater literacy and comprehension.

If they cannot read, use the Bible to teach them. Learning to read Romans 4:5 is much more important than “See Spot run!

If they cannot comprehend or study, the church should be teaching these basic principles. Church should be a place that emphasizes Bible study, learning, literacy, and study.

Until they learn, provide the Bible on mp3 or on tape so they can recognize scripture. Encourage them to listen to Bible believing grace preachers.

We need preachers and teachers who are well read, and can rightly divide the word of truth, because some people depend on them until they learn to read the Bible.

Illiteracy is exactly the reason why we should be sensitive to teachers who get doctrine wrong. A minor mistake left uncorrected can lead an illiterate mass astray.

For His glory,

Justin “sound it out” Johnson

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