Email Tips: Become Familiar with Your Bible

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 .

After listening to radio personalities or preachers for hundreds of hours you begin to know how they think and respond.

It is no different with God. If you want to know what God thinks you must hear his words.

It is common for people to become so familiar with a teacher or preacher to know what they think, but what they think may not always be God’s thoughts.

Sometimes I meet people who know me much better than I know them, because they listen to me preach.

You don’t need to know teachers. You need to know God. Knowing God’s word is knowing God.

You may not be familiar with the Bible now, but you should be spending time becoming familiar with it. It will take time.

The privilege you have today is that you have a complete copy of the word of God in your language, and there are many ways to become familiar with it: smartphone, computer, printed Bibles, Mp3s, etc.

Skim, skip, summarize, study. Be patient, but persistent.

If you will ever increase in the knowledge of God, doing His service, pleasing Him, you must become familair with His word on your own.

When you hear his words what will strike you is that different than teachers you listen to, the more you know about God you see more that he already knows you.

For God’s glory and grace,

Justin “known” Johnson

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