Email Tips: Read About Godly People

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 .

God explains that we should mark and follow those
who live godly lives. There are many godly and spiritual
men and women who are dead in Christ who have
written about the spiritual secrets in their lives.

Read about them and learn from their mistakes.

We need the sound doctrine of mid Acts right division.
We also need those faithful men to be men of
spiritual fortitude. We can learn this from those who
gave their soul to ministry.

You can learn from spiritual giants from the comfort
of your library. The biographies you read will not
contain the doctrinal precision that you find in mid
Acts right division.

However, it is easier to find spiritual fervor in those
who were less distracted by 21st century society.

For his glory,

Justin “truth is better than fiction” Johnson

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