2016 Ambassadors Seminar

Seminar 2016

This seminar is over. Listen to the recordings below.

Theme: Christian Fundamentals

What: The theme of this seminar will be Christian Fundamentals.
What are the fundamental doctrines of Christianity? Why are they fundamental? Why are they important for making all men see the fellowship of the mystery?

When: Saturday, December 10 / Sunday, December 11, 2016

Saturday, December 10

Session Topic Speaker
Session 1 Laying the Foundation Justin Johnson
Session 2 The Revelation of Christ: the Bible Wil Riley
Session 3 The Godhead of Christ: the Trinity Justin Johnson
Session 4 The Person of Christ: God in Flesh Justin Johnson
Session 5 The Work of Christ: Salvation Dustin Fulkerson
Session 6 The Power of Christ: Resurrection Justin Johnson

Sunday, December 11

Session Topic Speaker
Session 7 The Judgment of Christ Justin Johnson
Session 8 The Body of Christ: the Church Justin Johnson

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