About Grace Ambassadors


Why Grace Ambassadors?

There are over 200 churches in our county and thousands more within driving distance. Why do we exist?

It is not because we are more passionate about God, have better programs, or have received a special revelation from God. We do not claim to have a corner on truth.

We exist because we could not find any other group that:

  • Teaches that the instructions to the church are found in Paul’s writings alone
  • Discards empty tradition for Biblical authority
  • Focuses on sound doctrine and Bible study instead of gimmicks, fads, and entertainment

If you are looking for a place where questions are accepted, thinking is allowed, honest answers are discovered, and the hype of modern Christianity is avoided then you may enjoy Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t teach tithing

We walk in liberty not in legalism or licentiousness

We seek honest Biblical answers not empty tradition

We leave no place for cheap emotionalism and entertainment

We refuse church gimmicks and evangelism fads

We would rather trust God than mainstream liberalism

We acknowledge the fractured and confused status of modern Christianity and think the answers are found in the right message coming from the right book presented the right way with honesty.

What’s In Our Name?

Our name reflects our doctrine and priorities. Learn more about our name and mission by listening to a three-part sermon series on “Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship”

Grace A doctrine like no other Listen to Part 1
Ambassadors A mission like no other Listen to Part 2
Bible Fellowship A church like no other Listen to Part 3


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