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Romans Series (audio)

Romans is the chief doctrinal book about the gospel of salvation for today. Having never been to Rome, Paul writes a book establishing the church there in his gospel of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of they mystery. We who have never met Paul are able to benefit from their foundational instruction.

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2023 Series

Verses Description/ Video MP3 Outline
01. Romans Introduction Download Outline
02. Romans 1:1-2 Separated Unto the Gospel Download Outline
03. Romans 1:3-6 Concerning Jesus Christ Download Outline
04. Romans 1:7 To All That Be In Rome Download Outline
05. Romans 1:8-15 First, Paul’s Prayer Download Outline
06. Romans 1:16 The Gospel of Christ to Everyone Download Outline
07. Romans 1:16-20 What God Has Revealed Download Outline
08. Romans 1:21-25 They Are Without Excuse Download Outline
09. Romans 1:25-28 A Reprobate Mind Download Outline
10. Romans 1:28-32 God Gave Them Up Download Outline
11. Romans 2:1-6 The Righteous Judgment of God Download Outline
12. Romans 2:5-7 According to Their Deeds Download Outline
13. Romans 2:7-11 No Respect of Persons Download Outline
14. Romans 2:11-16 The Work of the Law Download Outline
15. Romans 2:16-25 According to My Gospel Download Outline
16. Romans 2:25-29 Circumcision Made Uncircumcision Download Outline
17. Romans 3:1-4 Jewish Advantage Download Outline
18. Romans 3:4 God Be True Download Outline
19. Romans 3:5-9 Vengeance and Damnation Download Outline
20. Romans 3:9-20 All Guilty Under Sin Download Outline
21. Romans 3:19-21 But Now Download Outline
22. Romans 3:21-24 The Righteousness of God to Save Download Outline
23. Romans 3:25-26 Faith in His Blood Download Outline
24. Romans 3:27-28 Faith Without Deeds Download Outline
25. Romans 3:29-31 Faith, Flesh, and the Law Download Outline
26. Romans 4:1-3 Abraham’s Righteousness Download Outline
27. Romans 4:3-8 Righteousness Without Works Download Outline
28. Romans 4:9-12 Blessing Without Circumcision Download Outline
29. Romans 4:13-17 Promise Without the Law Download Outline
30. Romans 4:18-25 By Grace Through Faith Download Outline
31. Romans 5:1-2 Our Grace Position Download Outline
32. Romans 5:3-5 Glory in Tribulations Download Outline
33. Romans 5:5-8 The Love of God Download Outline
34. Romans 5:9-11 Much More Download Outline
35. Romans 5:12-14 Adam’s Sin Download Outline
36. Romans 5:15-21 By One Man Download Outline
37. Romans 6:1-4 Baptized Into Christ Download Outline
38. Romans 6:5-7 Freed from Sin Download Outline
39. Romans 6:8-11 Living with Christ Download Outline
40. Romans 6:12-14 Ye Are Under Grace Download Outline
41. Romans 6:15-18 Shall We Sin Download Outline
42. Romans 6:18-23 Servants Under Grace Download Outline
43. Romans 7:1-6 Free from the Law Download Outline
44. Romans 7:7-13 Law vs. Sin Download Outline
45. Romans 7:13-20 What Sin Does in Me Download Outline
46. Romans 7:21-25 Rules of the War Within Download Outline
47. Romans 7:25-8:1 No More Condemnation Download Outline
48. Romans 8:1-4 Walk After the Spirit Download Outline
49. Romans 8:5-9 The Mind of Flesh and Spirit Download Outline
50. Romans 8:9-14 Christ in You Download Outline
51. Romans 8:13-16 Sons of God Download Outline
52. Romans 8:16-18 Heirs of God Download Outline
53. Romans 8:18-23 A New Creature Download Outline
54. Romans 8:23-26 Hope and the Spirit Download Outline
55. Romans 8:26-28 The Spirit’s Help Download Outline
56. Romans 8:29-30 Conformed to Christ Download Outline
57. Romans 8:31-34 Who Can Be Against Us Download Outline
58. Romans 8:35-39 Inseparable from God’s Love Download Outline
At this point we interrupted our study through Romans in 2024 to study Hosea to prepare for our return to Romans 9-11.

2013 Series

Verses Description/ Video MP3 Outline
01. Romans Introduction Download Outline
02. Romans 1:1 Paul Separated unto the Gospel Download Outline
03. Romans 1:2-7 Apostle to the Romans Download Outline
—-  Romans 1:7 Sunday Lesson: Grace and Peace Download Outline
04. Romans 1:8-15 Paul’s Prayer and Purpose Download Outline
05. Romans 1:16-21 The Power of God Download Outline
06. Romans 1:21-28 The Decline of Man Download Outline
07. Romans 1:28-32 Inconvenient Things Download Outline
08. Romans 2:1-11 Judgment of God Download Outline
09. Romans 2:11-24 The Secrets of Men Download Outline
10. Romans 2:24-29 True Circumcision Download Outline
11. Romans 3:1-9 Let God Be True Download Outline
12. Romans 3:9-21 All Guilty Before God Download Outline
13. Romans 3:21-26 Righteousness of God Download Outline
14. Romans 3:26-31 The Law of Faith Download Outline
15. Romans 4:1-8 Faith Without Works Download Outline
16. Romans 4:9-17 The Faith of Father Abraham Download Outline
17. Romans 4:17-25 Imputed Righteousness Download Outline
18. Romans 5:1-5 Riches of God’s Grace Download Outline
19. Romans 5:5-8 The Love of God Download Outline
20. Romans 5:9-11 Much More… Download Outline
21. Romans 5:12-19 By One Man Download Outline
22. Romans 5:20-6:4 Baptized Into Christ Download Outline
23. Romans 6:5-14 How Shall We Live? Download Outline
24. Romans 6:15-23 Servants of Righteousness Download Outline
25. Romans 7:1-6 Delivered From the Law Download Outline
26. Romans 7:7-13 The Weakness of the Law Download Outline
27. Romans 7:14-25 The Battle With Sin in You Download Outline
28. Romans 8:1-8 Now No Condemnation Download Outline
29. Romans 8:8-16 Led by the Spirit Download Outline
30. Romans 8:17-25 Our Hope of Glory Download Outline
31. Romans 8:26-28 Prayer and the Spirit’s Help Download Outline
32. Romans 8:28-34 God Be for Us Download Outline
33. Romans 8:35-9:5 More than Conquerors Download Outline
At this point we interrupted our study through Romans to study Obadiah and Malachi.
34. Romans 9:1-8 Not All Israel Download Outline
35. Romans 9:9-18 The Will of God Download Outline
36. Romans 9:19-24 The Potter’s Vessels Download Outline
37. Romans 9:24-33 The Remnant Download Outline
38. Romans 10:1-8 Israel’s Stone of Stumbling Download Outline
39. Romans 10:9-10 Confession unto Salvation Download Outline
40. Romans 10:11-18 Israel’s Rejection of the Gospel Download Outline
41. Romans 10:19-11:5 What Israel Knew Download Outline
42. Romans 11:3-7 Grace and the Remnant Download Outline
43. Romans 11:7-10 The Blinding of Israel Download Outline
44. Romans 11:11-15 Gentiles and Israel’s Fullness Download Outline
45. Romans 11:16-18 Olive Trees and Broken Branches Download Outline
46. Romans 11:17-24 Graffed Into Israel’s Tree Download Outline
47. Romans 11:25-36 The Restoration of Israel Download Outline
48. Romans 12:1-2 Our Reasonable Service Download Outline
49. Romans 12:3-9 Gifts According to Grace Download Outline
50. Romans 12:9-10 Grace to do Good Download Outline
51. Romans 12:10-21 The Business of Good Works Download Outline
52. Romans 13:1 Subject to Higher Powers Download Outline
53. Romans 13:1-5 Resisting God’s Ministers Download Outline
54. Romans 13:6-14 Owe No Man, But to Love Download Outline
55. Romans 14:1-4 Grace and the Weak Brother Download Outline
56. Romans 14:4-13 To the Weak… Download Outline
57. Romans 14:13-23 To the Strong… Download Outline
58. Romans 15:1-7 Bearing Infirmities of the Weak Download Outline
59. Romans 15:4-8 Ministry to the Circumcision Download Outline
60. Romans 15:9-16 Hope to Jews and Gentiles Download Outline
61. Romans 15:16-20 Minister of Grace to Gentiles Download Outline
62. Romans 15:19-26 The Poor Saints in Jerusalem Download Outline
63. Romans 15:27 Partakers of Their Spiritual Things Download Outline
64. Romans 15:27-16:2 Prayers and Commendations Download Outline
65. Romans 16:3-16 Greet those in Christ Download Outline
66. Romans 16:17-18 Marking and Avoiding Download Outline
67. Romans 16:17-20 Good Words and Fair Speeches Download Outline
68. Romans 16:21-27 To God Be Glory Download Outline
—- Romans Survey A Complete Summary Download Outline
This 68 week study was recorded from 08/2012 to 02/2014.
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