The 2009 Ambassadors’ Seminar

Basics of a Mid-Acts Church

Is Bible doctrine confusing?
Frustrated with the modern church and empty tradition?
What does a mid-Acts dispensational church look like?

You missed this seminar. Listen below.
When: Sat, December 12 & Sun., December 13, 2009
Where: Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship

What: In this Ambassadors’ seminar we asked Terence D. McLean, the author of Basics of Mid Acts Dispensationalism, “How is a Mid Acts Church unique?”

Listen to the Seminar!
If you could not attend the seminar listen to it online!

Download and listen to the MP3 recordings below:
Session 1: Operation
Session 2: Outreach
Session 3: Priorities
Session 4: Leadership
Session 5: Evaluation

Other Resources
If you are interested in other resources from Grace Ambassadors concerning mid-Acts Pauline dispensational churches listen to the sermon series below:

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