Email Tips: Door to Door, Face to Face

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 .

Last Saturday every door in three small towns near our building heard a knock. Whether they answered or not, they received a bag.

The bag was filled with gospel tracts, information about our assembly, and a map. (Yes, that is a Hershey’s chocolate to sweeten the already free deal.)

Yes, we went door to door evangelizing. We gathered together, split up into teams, knocked on doors, did the work, and had a good time eating together afterward.

Not many Christians go door to door with the gospel, but every church in town claims to be the friendliest. That’s odd.

Many Christians claim tracts and door knocking do not work. (The same folks make exceptions for getting out the vote, beating the bushes for your business, or advertising ticketed concerts).

If it does not work for churches, then how is it everyone knows about the Mormons, even to the point of making a Broadway musical about them, though they are smaller than other religious groups?

Evangelicals claim they will reach people by their love, but then why is it that the only strangers that ever try to tell me about the love of Jesus face to face at my house have been Jehovah Witnesses?

Going door to door works much faster than hoping one day your neighbour will ask you about eternal life, because they noticed how well you mow your yard.

There are hundreds of churches in my county. There is one Jehhovah Witness kingdom hall, at most.

Collectiviely, the other churches could do the same job as Jehovah Witnesses with 1% of the effort, but they don’t. Not one. Where have all the tithes gone?

Television, radio, and internet are all means of mass communication, but very few people and churches can do this. It is expensive, requires special skills, and many people to produce.

Introducing yourself face to face, advertising your meetings, and giving a gospel tract to every house on your street or suburb is something anyone can do easily, cheaply, and relatively quickly (one weekend). Everyone is needed.

Find tracts here. Find encouragement here. If you plan to do this write me for some practical tips.

Jesus died and resurrected two thousand years ago. He is alive, but is no longer here. He is in heaven. You are what remains to do His ministry, you are members of His Body.

His Body needs to stretch its toes and crack its knuckles. It has been sitting in pews, on couches, and in front of screens too long.

Why don’t all men see the fellowhsip of the mystery (Eph 3:9)? Because they are not looking, and they never see you where they live.

For Truth,

Justin “knock, knock, knock” Johnson

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