Bait and Switch

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, November 29th, 2014.

Bait and switch is a technique used by unscrupulous business marketers. It is dishonest.

Beware of businesses that use it. They will lie to you in other ways as well.

When you learn what it is you may be surprised to see it used by churches who will do anything to “get people in the door”.

Bait and Switch. Definition ~ advertise one product as bait, but when the customer arrives switch them to another (often higher priced) product you really want to sell them.

Sound familiar?

Bait: Come to our church’s super bowl party!
Switch: The sermon at half-time.

Bait: Come join the men for breakfast!
Switch: The group prayer and small Bible study in between bites.

Bait: Free concert, free food!
Switch: We want you to be a member of our church, or give a donation to help cover the expense.

Bait: McDonalds inside the church!
Switch: We don’t want you to leave after you get your Big Mac.

This technique is used when churches realize not as many people would attend if they were honest about their intentions, who they were, or what they believe.

If getting or keeping people in your group requires hiding your true intention, purpose, or belief, you are either lying to yourself or practising bait and switch.

Bait and switch is unacceptable from people who should be speaking the truth. Beware churches that use it. They will lie to you about other things as well.

God made the church to speak the truth. The word of truth rightly divided is our bait, there is no switch.

More important than getting people in the door, is being honest about what’s behind the door.

For His glory,

Justin “what you see is what you get” Johnson

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