Email Tips: 2014 Fair Report

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 .

The 2014 Howard County fair was a success! Every day hundreds of resources were taken.

As I finished my apple dumpling I saw someone had turned to stare at the curtain behind me.

He was evidently mulling over “What Most Churches Won’t Teach You” printed in big black letters on one of our poster sized tracts.

At one of our two tables a woman was grabbing one of everything we had.

“Don’t forget to take the book, too”, said one of our men working the booth. He handed her a copy of a booklet titled, Jesus Wasn’t Talking To You.

2014 Fair Pic 03

She looked at it, tilted her head, and shoved it into the free bag she got from the hospital booth down the isle.

“I’ve been looking for something like this,” she said, “this is great!”

And that is why every year we spend a few dollars to rent a booth at our local county fair, print up some tracts, and create opportunities to preach the gospel.

People are hungry for clear Bible teaching, but not many know it exists. They think tradition is all there is, and the Bible cannot be understood.

2014 Fair Pic 1

By this time the gentleman staring at the posters had ambled over and was reading one of the tracts.

It was time for me to stop eating and start talking.

2014 Fair Pic 2

A fair booth is a great ministry. Anyone can do it. Perhaps more of us should.

For His glory,

Justin “gospel at the fair” Johnson

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