Email Tips: Printed Tracts Now Available!

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 .

Every summer Grace Ambassadors has printed our own tracts to use in county fairs, seminars, and local ministry.

After many requests to make our tracts available in print to people outside Swayzee we finally have an answer!

Our tracts are now available in print through the Ambassadors Publishing Co website! (

Earlier this year Ambassadors Publishing Co released its flagship introductory book Start Rightly Dividing.

If you don’t yet have a copy, you can now buy the book in bundle with our new Tract Sampler Pack and get 20% off both. The tracts and the book make a great introductory package to the Bible rightly divided. (Click the image below to get to the special bundle.)

As always, all the tracts are available in digital form for free download on the Grace Ambassadors website (here) ready to be printed on your printer.

Tracts are extremely useful in ministry. Bible believing mid-Acts dispensational right division is useful to create provocative tracts that contain the clear gospel.

If you have never used tracts, or do not engage in evangelism, then you are missing out. Find some useful resources and encouraging examples here.

You might also listen to our pre-fair pep talk about why Grace Goes to the Fair.

For His glory,

Justin “did you get one of these?” Johnson

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