2013 Howard County Fair

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, July 20th, 2013.

This year was our second year at the local Howard county fair. Here you see the size of our booth which had two more tables than last year.


All it takes is rent for the space, paper for the tracts, and two people. One person buys the elephant ears while the other makes certain nobody pays for the free material in the booth. Fortunately, we had many people come out and help.


Some people think tracts are old-fashioned in a cyber world, but I don’t think so. Nearly a third of the people in Indiana do not use the internet, and most likely they are all at the fair.


Many pastors stopped by to see what a mid-Acts Pauline dispensationalist looked like. They had only read about them, but had never seen one up close. We were able to photograph some in their natural habitat.


Hundreds of tracts were handed out. Many conversations were had. Most of them were what Bill Hybels would call pre-Christians. This means they called themselves Christian, but did not know the gospel. We were able to tell them how to be saved.

Work like this is easy. Our tracts start their own conversations. Nobody threw food at us, and if they disagreed they just walked away.


If you don’t have an assembly in your area make a presence for sound doctrine in your community. All our tracts are made freely available on our site. Do the work of an evangelist! (2 Tim 4:5)

For His glory,

Justin Johnson

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