Email Tips: Why Have a Seminar

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, November 21st, 2009 .

This week I announced the upcoming 2009 Ambassadors’
seminar. You can find the landing page here:

Seminars are useful for sparking discussion and spreading
information among a small group about a specific topic.
Usually a professor or an expert leads discussion.

Universities use seminars frequently to address buzz issues.
That is, issues that have generated buzz but are not
addressed fully in the short classroom time. Our seminar
will cover what would’ve taken six Sunday lessons to handle

The buzz around here is “how is a mid-Acts church unique?”
How does mid-Acts doctrine change the way we do church?

We invited an expert who literally wrote a book on basic
mid-Acts doctrine to help us address this issue.

The buzz may be different in your community. If it is,
contact your local group of believers and organize a
seminar. Form a strategy. Do not wait for commands
from a denominational conference. If you don’t have a
group: start one. You are the church.

It is not about prestige, it is about getting your
questions answered. If you can’t have a local seminar
submit your questions online for our seminar.

Every question submitted will get a response.

For his glory,

Justin Johnson

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