Email Tips: The Basics

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 .

Years ago, during my first ever experience in a Bible
study group we were going through a curriculum that
was supposed to help us with the ‘basics’ of our faith.

It was a reasonable study to become established in
the fundamentals. Surely, despite all the controversy,
denominations, and opinions we could all agree on
the basics.

Yet, as we talked about salvation, the deity of God,
and God’s will, I learned that the disagreement
was within these seemingly basic issues!

Our group became popular for its “deep discussion”,
which is a euphemism for Christian debate. We could
not agree on what this curriculum says were the basics.

When I was introduced to Mid Acts Bible study the
confusion about these basic issues slowly disappeared.

If you are a maker of beginning Bible studies here is a

Do not hide from the controversial issues, address
them head on from a Mid Acts perspective. Start with
the gospel, the importance of Bible belief, and the
right division between prophecy and mystery.

For his glory,

Justin “start with the basics” Johnson

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