Resolving Eternal Security with Right Division

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Saturday, April 13th, 2024.

Both sides of the “eternal security” debate claim scriptural support for their position.

In some places, scripture teaches salvation contingent on future work or endurance. This is the “you can lose your salvation” position.

In other places, scripture teaches salvation complete and assured on work already done. This is the “once saved always saved” position.

Both positions claim the Bible teaches the same thing throughout and that the opposing passages are distorted by the other side.

This type of conflict over apparent Biblical contradictions is where dispensational Bible study can really shine.

The supporting passages for both sides can remain as they are written supporting the claim of conditional security in some places and eternal security in other places.

The disparity is resolved by acknowledging that the Bible does not teach the same thing throughout. There have been changes in how God relates with humanity.

Anyone in a covenant relationship with God can lose their standing in that covenant until that time when their covenant is fulfilled. Promised salvation is contingent upon Christ fulfilling their covenant upon his future return as King of the nation.

This is the relationship God established with Israel and their earthly kingdom. Salvation is secured by their covenants which are yet conditional. The portions of scripture that teach conditional security are overwhelmingly found in descriptions about Israel’s kingdom.

Anyone in Christ according to the fellowship of the mystery in the dispensation of God’s grace cannot lose their standing in Christ. Their salvation is complete and assured by the work of Christ already done by the cross and his current position in heaven as the Head of the Body. Salvation is not contingent on our endurance nor his return.

This is the relationship God established with the Body of Christ today and their position in heavenly places. Salvation is secured by the Body of Christ, which is created complete in Christ. The clearest scriptures teaching eternal security are overwhelmingly found in the Pauline books describing the church today.

The scripture remains intact when we rightly divide Israel from the Body of Christ.

For your edification,

Justin “saved forever” Johnson

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