Email Tips: Religion and Grace are Different

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, December 6th, 2014 .

Seminar 2014: Religion vs. Grace

We are one week away from our annual Ambassadors Seminar. This year’s theme explores the difference between religion and grace.

Religion: What man does to earn merit or favor with God.
Grace: What God does to provide salvation freely to man.

Religious Christianity counts church attendance, prayer, good works, tithing, and confession among the long list of ways man can earn favor with God or satisfy God’s wrath toward them.

Grace Christianity depends solely upon the finished work of Jesus Christ to both attain eternal life, and to atone for our sins.

Near central Indiana? Come out to our church south of Swayzee next week for a month’s worth of church meetings packed into one weekend.

Ambassadors Seminar 2014 Details

New to right division? Get your questions answered. Be introduced to the dispensation of God’s grace. Our seminars are intended for you who are new to the mystery of Christ.

Ambassadors Seminar 2014 Details

Never seen a grace church? Imagine a church that does not ask for “free-will offerings”, does not compromise grace with religious days, stands upon the purity of every word of the Bible, and yet still preaches liberty with Christ. It doesn’t exist, you say? It does, in the only Swayzee in the world.

You will not want to miss next week’s seminar at Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship.

Ambassadors Seminar 2014 Details

For His glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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