Email Tips: Site Updates

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 .

This week some updates about the website.


We continuously receive positive feedback. We thank the Lord for the good work he can do through you. Thank you.

“I just wanted to tell you how that I have been blessed by your teaching.”

“Thank you for your ministry. Your website is amazingly easy to use and follow.”

“I love your teaching in printed form to read, and also that you offer mp3…I feel like I’ve found a field full of gold, silver, and precious stones at this website! I wish everyone could know about it!”


Not only do we have articles, tips, charts, and mp3 files, but we are now consistently uploading video recordings of our lessons for those who have said they like to watch while they listen.

Go to any lesson page in the past few months and you will see an embedded video on the page along with the pdf outline and mp3.

It takes a few days for the video to process and upload, so if you are a weekly watcher you may want to plan accordingly and watch the previous week’s lesson.

Site Crash

As some of you noticed two weeks ago the website was down having exceeded the traffic allowance of our hosting service.

As a result of this good news we have started to optimize the site to be faster and to handle the increased traffic.

Thank you for your continued support of Bible believing mid-Acts Pauline ministries, and your interest in dispensational right division.

For His glory,

Justin Johnson

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