Email Tips: Fundamentals Seminar on DVD and USB

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 .

Last year’s Ambassadors seminar on the Christian Fundamentals was one of our best yet. The content is desperately needed in what Ross Douthat called a “nation of heretics”.

Many of you asked if it would be on DVD. We thought it was a great idea, so…

Ambassadors Publishing Co. is making available the Fundamentals seminar on both DVD and USB.

The DVD contains all 8 sessions of the weekend seminar to watch offline on your DVD player or computer.

The 4GB USB stick contains all 8 HD video files of the seminar viewable on your computer and a few extras.

Since we had some room left on the USB it also includes a PDF file of every tract available from Ambassadors Publishing and a free PDF copy of the book Start Rightly Dividing.

In celebration of our first DVD product everyone on this mailing list can take 20% off either the DVD or USB when you enter the promo code ‘TAKE20’ at checkout or mention the discount with your mailin order.

Our next seminar is coming up at the end of October (Oct 28-29), until then enjoy last year’s seminar on DVD and USB. Get the details here:

If you don’t have the pennies all our seminars are always free online:

Here is the seminar description on the back of the DVD cover:

The Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity. Our identity as Christians and our ministry in the church relies upon the very doctrines of Christ. Get these fundamentals wrong and Christianity disappears. In a day when heresy and Biblical ignorance prevail, the Christian fundamentals are being ignored, diminished, or attacked without much resistance from the church. Where is the pillar and ground of the truth? Who in this generation will uphold these essential truths against attack?

Get the DVD or USB and enjoy the entire seminar!

For making all men see,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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