Your Relationship With God

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Saturday, January 28th, 2017.

There are problems with the personal relationship idea of Christianity. Not the least of which is trading truth for emotion.

Yet, even if we describe our position in Christ in relationship terms, many seeking that relationship are going about it the wrong way.

For example, many assume God wants a relationship with them.

You cannot impose a “relationship” on God without first considering whether he wants one in the first place. Why would he want to relate with sinners?

The entry point to a relationship with God is the gospel of salvation. The other party must reciprocate. God in Christ has reconciled the world to himself through his finished cross work (2 Cor 5:19-21).

If you don’t know the gospel of the cross you have no relationship with God. If you do, then your first statement in your “relationship” with Christ ought to be ‘thank you’, not ‘please’.

Second in a relationship is growth. The springboard for growth with God is understanding God’s will.

You do not grow with God if you do not know who God is, what God wants, and what he is doing in the world. Ignorance of God’s will is a testimony of your lack of relationship to God. Time to study.

Not knowing the gospel and not knowing God’s will are the two reasons most relationship seekers are truly alone in their personal relationship with God. (It may also be the reasons many personal relationships fail as well.)

For His glory,

Justin “relationship advice” Johnson

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