Revisiting Church

How would an outsider describe what goes on in the average church? What do most churches do? Most any church has common elements like a sanctuary or building, baptism, Lord’s supper, priests, penance, prayers, anointing, tithing, etc. It’s time we reconsider what most churches do in light of the Bible rightly divided. This series of lessons revisits church and reconsiders the common elements of the Christian religion from a mid-Acts Pauline dispensational Bible belief.

Lesson Name Audio Outline
1. Do This in Remembrance of Me MP3 Outline
2. The Christian Sabbath MP3 Outline
3. Revisiting the Church Sanctuary MP3 Outline
4. Revisiting the Priest MP3 Outline
5. Revisiting Church Worship MP3 Outline
6. Revisiting the Confessional MP3 Outline
7. Recalculating the Tithe MP3 Outline
8. Rethinking the Sermon MP3 Outline
9. Revisiting the Baptistry MP3 Outline
10. Revisiting the Lord’s Table MP3 Outline
11. Rewriting the Hymnal MP3 Outline
12. Revisiting the Empty Tomb MP3 Outline

These lessons were originally published in the weekly Grace Ambassadors Update sent free to subscribers.