Dear Santa

Justin Johnson

Dear Santa Claus,

It’s the time of year where children all over the country are encouraged to write you letters by sending them to local newspapers and post offices.

Many request trivial items such as new dolls and toy cars. Yet many others have serious concerns about their family and future decisions.

One letter by a little girl was publicized by a local newspaper requesting help regarding her parents’ divorce.

Another provided a solemn supplication to you that mommy would have enough money to pay the bills.

Yet another selflessly asked for nothing if only she would be able to see her daddy again since he had died overseas in war during the year.

I, too, do not want a single gift this year. Rather, I would that these children know the truth. Please direct these young ones to Jesus Christ who is able to provide reconciliation, peace, and hope.

You must know him since you purportedly know everything about everyone. Also, you both seem to live somewhere up north. Though you seem to be very generous, toys will not help these children this year. What they need is the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ.

God does not have elves distributing toys like you, but he does have ambassadors who can help teach them about his grace. They will be able to show them the love that God shows his children by gifting them from the riches of his grace and not according to a merit-based system of naughty and nice.

Though your jolly disposition makes you popular among those who wish to commercialize on your public image, there are thousands who fall victim to your checklist system. Every year children learn the harsh reality of unrealized hopes.

Furthermore, the secret is out that you do not grant wishes despite how nice young boys and girls behave. Parents lie to cover up your failure, and they in turn teach their older children that your story is all a deception and a hoax.

Before one more Santa letter goes unanswered, please take off your fake beard and advise the children sitting on your lap to ask their parents about Jesus Christ. What greater gift can you bestow this year than the gift of hope to our children and relief for their parents?

Unfortunately, you will not find any cookies laid out for you this year, but you should be able to buy some with your paycheck. It’s waiting for you in human resources.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas.


Justin Curtis Johnson

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Published: December 16, 2008
Last Modified: December 23, 2023
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