Church Boundaries Series

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Saturday, December 20th, 2014.

It is important to be a part of a church that preaches sound doctrine.

A church is not just a Bible study or gathering of friendly people. So, what are the functions of a church?

Keeping the doctrine sound requires separation. When should a church separate from other churches and ministries?

God chose the foolishness of preaching. What does evangelism look like?

These questions and more are discussed in our new series on Church Boundaries.

During the last century the fundamentalist doctrine of the church, and its boundaries of separation, were exchanged for a church without boundaries and a ministry method that goes along with error to get along with people.

In an effort to make the church more attractive, the distinctive pillars and boundaries were covered up, taken down, or ignored.

“Don’t say anything that would offend someone, or cause someone to leave. We want to win people, not repel them with plain spoken truth,” said the evangelicals.

The Lord did not create the church of His body to win people, but to speak the truth in love to see souls saved from sin, error, and corruption.

This requires boundaries that separate church ministry from ear tickling, and honest pillars that might cause people to turn around and leave.

There are boundaries to the ground of truth. It is our responsibility to keep them.

Learn about these important church boundaries, functions, and lines of separation in our latest series:

Church Boundaries and Separation

For His glory,

Justin “border control” Johnson

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