Email Tips: Amen, and Amen.

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 .

Amen ~ definition. As a verb, it signifies to confirm, establish, verify; to trust, or give confidence; as a noun, truth, firmness, trust, confidence; as an adjective, firm, stable. (1828 Webster’s Dictionary)

There are few things that give a preacher more confidence while he is preaching than to hear someone say ‘Amen’. After all, confidence is what it means.

It means you believe what he said was right and true.

It means you understand what was said, and agree.

It means what was said deserves to be repeated, and should be acted upon.

It means you are willing to join him in supporting a hard truth that is often maligned, mocked, or misunderstood.

It is an opportunity for you to add an exclamation point to the message.

It is Biblical, and Pauline (Deu 27:26; Neh 8:6; PS 89:52; 1 Cor 14:16; Col 4:18).

It testifies to others that you are persuaded. Your confidence may help push them to belief or conviction.

Hearing a strong ‘Amen!’ will wake up sleepy church goers.

Hearing a few amens will excite the preacher and may cause him to preach better.

If you ever hear a dozen amens in a small church meeting, then look out! You are on the verge of getting some real ministry work done in your assembly.

Some churches have learned this secret, and provide persistent encouragement from the pews just to get the meeting going.

It is hard to motivate people by preaching, but you can help by contributing an appropriate amen at the right time. It’s one word that the preacher cannot say with much affect. You should supply it liberally.

You don’t have to prepare, you don’t have to be a public speaker, you don’t have to be obnoxious, but you can say this one encouraging word in your small grace assembly. You might be surprised how it grows.

And all the people say…?

For His glory,

Justin “aaAAaaamen” Johnson

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