Church & Tradition

This section is where we destroy the sacred cows and pull back the curtain on ignorant traditions. These posts will equip you to study the tough issues and discern sound doctrine from error. Here you will secure a stronger faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Recalculating the Tithe

Revisiting the Confessional

Is the Holy Ghost Confused?

Revisiting Church Worship

Revisiting The Priest

God is Not in a Building

Revisiting The Church Sanctuary

Revisiting Church

The Christian Sabbath

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Early Dispensationalists and Mid-Acts

Romans 6:1-4

Seminar 2023: 08 – Ministry Fruit

Seminar 2023: 07 – Ministry Integrity

Seminar 2023: 06 – Ministry Unity

Seminar 2023: 02 – Ministry and Church

Coming Together in Unity

Chart: The Importance of Church Beginnings

Leave Christian Legends Alone

Everything You’ve Always Wanted in a Church Near You!

The Christian Delusion

Coming Together in Person

Practice Communion

The Translated Words Of God

The Benefits Of Repetition

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 2

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 1

Happy Resurrection Day!

Romans 1:16

Jesus: The Night He Was Betrayed

Romans 1:7

2 Timothy 4:16-22

2 Timothy 4:14-17

2 Timothy 4:11-13

2 Timothy 4:9-11

New Year of Life in Christ

The Only Immaculate Conception

To Attend, or To Not Attend

Avoid the Immaculate Confusion

This Is My Body

Discipleship Confusion

2 Timothy 3:8-10

2 Timothy 3:6-9

Communion: There is One

Surrounded By Bigots

2 Timothy 2:17-18

Biblical Preservation

What is King James Only

Does the Bible Have Mistakes

Paul as a Mother

Easter Considerations

Counting To Three

2 Timothy 1:2-5

Another Day of Opportunity

The Christian War on Christmas

Don’t Esteem Days

The Lord’s Supper and the New Testament

Religious Liberty and Conscience

Why I Am Not a Baptist

I Believe in Baptism

You Are a Church Member

Grace Does Not Mean Nice

You Only Need One Bible

Communion: A Gathering of Saints

Confusing Christmas With Christianity

The Church of Itching Ears

The Church is Not the Remnant

Before Throwing Off Governments

Communion in One Place

The Great Easter Shutdown

What We Have in Common

Chart Lesson: Bible Breakdown

Separation At Home

2 Corinthians 7:4-12

2 Corinthians 6:14-18

2 Corinthians 6:2-3

Chart Lesson: Food and Family Throughout the Bible

Men and Ministry

Women and Ministry

Why Our Beginning Matters

Spiritual Gifts in the Beginning

Chart Lesson: What Happened at the Cross

The Church Before the Church: Who Were They?

Which Foundation and Apostle?

Which Church?

The Lord’s Table

Communion: Something Worth Remembering

Acts 18:18-19:10

Jesus’ Birthday

How to Talk to Your Friends About Holy Week

The Mystery of Communion

Ephesians 5:25-33 – A Great Mystery and Marriage

Ephesians 5:21-27 – Wives and Husbands

Evangelism During Christmas

What Makes Us Not Normal

Not Identified With the Holy Ghost

The Church God Intended

The Truth about Devils, Ghosts, and Spirits

Mary Did You Know

Repentance Confusion

A Day in God’s House

2017 Ambassadors Seminar – The Reformation

Popes, Priests, and Pastors

A Look at Luther’s 95 Theses

Sacraments and the Church

Issues in Luther’s 95 Theses

Sacraments in the Church

When the Altar Calls, Hang Up.

“Is There A Grace Church Like Yours Near Me?”

One Bible

Communion: In One

When You’re Alone

Back to Pentecost

What They Are Not Telling You

Dominion Over Your Faith

What We Should Learn from Palm Sunday

Don’t Hide the Cross Behind Holy Week

Avoid Religious Fasting

What About John 3:16

Communion and Fellowship

Clean Up Your Language

Church Before Paul

The Root of All Evil

The Hidden Teaching of the Parables

Beware Tithing Verse Twisters

Your Relationship With God

The Difference Between Teachers and Leaders in the Church

1 Timothy 5:5-16

Keeping Holidays

Advent of What?

Seminar 2016: 08 – The Body of Christ: the Church

8 Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church

1 Timothy 3:8-15

8 Good Reasons to Leave Your Church

Unorganized Religion

1 Timothy 3:1

1 Timothy 2:11-15

1 Timothy 2:7-10

An Upside Down World

Church Responsibility

Why You Can’t Be Born Again

Popular Historian Defends Mid-Acts Position?

Parables of Jesus

1 Timothy 1:3-4

Jesus Never Prayed the Lord’s Prayer

Praying in Jesus’ Name

The Shepherd and the Sheep

Why Did John Water Baptize?

Edifying the Body in Love

How to Be Baptized Without Getting Wet

Don’t Take it Personal

Thirteen Colonies, Thirteen Epistles

The Pauline Revolution

Things I Was Wrong About

Hebrews 7:1-28

Most Controversial Doctrines in Church

Essentials vs. Non-Essentials

Crossdressing for Easter

The Mystery of Godliness

Know the Heresies

Give More Than Love

The Spirit Baptism Problem in Acts 8:14-17

Amen, and Amen.

What God Does During the Super Bowl

What is Missing from the Apostles’ Creed

100 Years of Right Division

A Brief Church History

Should We Celebrate Christ’s Birth?

Seminar 2015: 06 – Start Evangelizing

Seminar 2015: 05 – Start Grace Living

Are You the Weaker Brother?

Acts 6:1-7

Weak in the Faith

You Are Not Alone

The Churches of Family and Friends

Why Paul Named Hymenaeus and Destroyed His Ministry

The Author of Confusion

Are We the Bride of Christ?

Christians and Halloween

Acts 2:39-47

Baptism and Manifesting Christ to Israel

Acts 2:37-38

Promise in Christ or in a Covenant

Changing Your Mind

Dealing with Covenant and Replacement Theology

Following the Lord in Baptism

Lordship Salvation

Mainstream Christianity is Dead

Ask Your Questions

Has God Blessed America?

The Challenge of Communion

Does Paul Teach the New Testament?

Does Christ Make You Happy?

The Hypocrisy of the Unbeliever

Philippians 4:1-6

The Great Commissions

Dramatizing the Bible

Faithfulness is Success

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear… About Healing

Truth in Advertising

Earth Day and the Lord Jesus Christ

Thank God for Your Fellowship

The Benefits of Testimonies

Holy Week and Easter

Eating the Bread

Having Church Communion

The Need for Correction

Persuade God Not Men

Fat Tuesday and Fleshly Fasting

Is Christianity Like Telephone?

The Fundamental Future of Mid-Acts

Beware the New Year Tithing Curse

The Myth of the First Century Church

Must Sell Everything

A Charlie Brown Christmas Lesson

Church Boundaries Series

The Cure for Religion

Attracting Faithful Men

Religion and Grace are Different

Should We Be Bereans?

Bait and Switch

Three Functions of a Church

Chart: God’s Churches

Evangelize or Compromise

Jesus Ate With Sinners

Genesis 21

Lines of Separation

No Other Doctrine

The Functions of a Church

Church Boundaries

Don’t Be a Wolf For Jesus

Church Boundaries and Separation

When the Lord Appears in Glory

Lessons From History

Do You Remember This Old Resolution?

Genesis 15:1-6

Drinking The Cup

A Look at History With and Without Israel

When Did the Church Begin?

The History of Ancient Civilizations in Genesis

Why We Are Separate

Why People Believe Wrong Doctrine

Why Did Paul Baptize?

Paul as a Mother

Near Death Experiences and Movies

Paul’s One Baptism

What Easter Pageants Fail to Mention

Baptism Into Christ

The Easter Sunday Boost

Religious Symbols

Baptism With the Holy Ghost

Why was the Lord Baptized?

The Difference Between a Bible Study and a Church

What is Baptism?

Baptisms in the Bible

Practising Communion

Genesis as True History

Silly Things Preachers Say

Facebook Theology

Why Believers are Ashamed of Grace

When Church Goes Wrong

Facebook Theology May Not Be Bible Truth

Choosing a Church

God in a Box

Decently and in Order

Bishops, Deacons, and Elders… Oh, My!

Redeeming the Culture vs. Redeeming the Time

Holding the Head

Romans 15:27-16:2

Marks of a Local Church

How Christ Ruined My Christmas

Why Have Church Meetings

The Joy of Meeting Together

The Church is Not a Building

What is a Pauline Church

Charities, Missionaries, and Ministry

Putting the 99% to Work

5 Bible Cures for Christian Racism

The Church is Not a Building

Romans 10:9-10

Guilt-Free Preaching

Salvation is Not a Club

The Reality of Hell

Malachi 3:7-12

Waiting for Revival

To Fulfil All Righteousness

What is the Devil Doing?

Coming Out of the Closet

What Jesus Said on Palm Sunday

Communion: Eating Jesus

Communion Tip

Why Jesus Fasted

Fasting Explained

A Personal Relationship With Jesus

How We Eat the Lord’s Supper

Romans 5:20-6:4

A Dispensational New Year

Joy to the World

Glory in the Cross, Not the Creche

What They Don’t Say

What’s Missing from Amazing Grace

A Rightly Divided Thanksgiving

History of the Small Church

The False God of Circumstance

The Function of a Fellowship

The Loving God of the Old Testament

What it Means to Worship

Wrong Testimonies

Blood of the New Testament

God’s Plan for Whom?

39 Reasons You Should Stop Tithing

10 Reasons 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not About You

1 Corinthians 15:29-34 – Baptism, Death, Evil Communications

Biblical Repentance

What Does it Mean to Repent?

Denominational Origins

Your Child-Like Faith Needs to Grow Up

Acts 12:4 and Easter

1 Corinthians 11:27-34

Communion, Till He Come

1 Corinthians 11:13-26

1 Corinthians 11:1-13

A Bible Lesson from McDonalds

Special Days

Marking the Twain

Real Praise and Worship

What is a Youth, Anyway?

Confessions of a Non-Catholic

An Old Resolution for a New Year

Doctrinal Disunity

When Your Christmas Cards Backfire

Closed for Christ-Mass

What Mary Could Not Know

Every Member Has a Part

Is Sunday an Holy Day?

What is the Lord’s Supper

Racial Segregation and Religion

Freedom Starts in the Church

USA’s Covenant with God

Somebody Touched Me (and it Wasn’t God)

Be Prepared for the End of the World

Communion: Our Common Union

Trust the Bible Over Religious Calendars

Taking the Mystery out of Understanding God’s Will

Denominational History

Following Jesus

Tithes to Melchizedek

3 Basic Doctrines to Look for in a Church

Colossians 3:18-25

Holy Days of Obligation

You Do Not Need Holy Sabbath Days

Nativity Myths

List: Fables Concerning the Nativity of Jesus

The Wrong Time to Tithe

Communion: One Body

Separating from Doctrinal Perversion

A Greater Commission

Know Your History

Blueprints for a Pauline Foundation

Work on Holidays

My Saviour, Tis of Thee

What Daniel Whittle Did Not Know

The Number One Killer of Grace Ministries

Test Your Traditions

Graduating Law School

20 Reasons You Should Stop Tithing

The Tithing Curse

List: Baptisms in the Bible

Does 1 Cor 12:13 Describe the Spirit Baptism at Pentecost?

Did Paul Water Baptize?

Should I Be Water Baptized?

Does Romans 6:3-4 Teach Water Baptism?

What is Baptism?

The Main Point of Mid Acts Doctrine

The Kingdom of Priests

The Baptism Gospel

Communion: One Bread

List: The Church’s Most Controversial Doctrines

Is Everybody Else Wrong?

Ecumenicism and Unity

Fellowship With World Religions

What Pastors Should Tell You: Anointing

Investing in Christ with Money

Three Bible Churches

Truth and Unity

The Formula for Experiencing God

Christianity is a Doctrine

Cutting Edge Doctrine

Our Place in History

List: Popular Reasons for Unanswered Prayer

Communion of Christ

Dear Santa

Every Day God

Church In Prophecy

When the Church Began

Baptism Objections

Bible Fellowship – A Church Like No Other

Complete In Christ

For Christ’s Sake

The Bible Is Not Relevant

College Students Abandon Church

Half of Pastors Don’t Believe the Bible

What They Don’t Tell You

One Lord, One Faith, Three Baptisms!

What Most Churches Won’t Teach You

Weeping for Jesus

Did the Church Begin at Pentecost?

Are We Under Any Covenants?

Which Church Should I Attend?

Am I Required to Attend Church?

What Is the Church?

What Is the Purpose of the Church?