Email Tips: You Can See Clearly Now

This "tip" was originally delivered on Sunday, October 4th, 2020 .

Right division is like a pair of glasses. It helps you see things more clearly.

But what are you looking for that you need glasses to see clearer?

The Bible is a mirror and will show you your reprobate condition. After you are saved, the image in the mirror changes by God’s grace.

You are given a spiritual facelift. You are made in the image of Christ. You have a new identity.

God wants you to see who you are in Christ. Without the glasses of right division who you are will remain unclear.

Seeing clearly who you are in Christ will give you the confidence, means, and mind to walk in him.

Without knowing your God-given identity you are left to a lifelong crisis of trying to discover who you were meant to be.

Our 2020 seminar is only 2 weeks away! The subject this year is Identity Crisis and will make clear who God made you to be in Christ. Find all the details here:

2020 Ambassadors Seminar: Identity Crisis

In Christ,

Justin “I can see clearly now” Johnson

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