Email Tips: Witness a Healing

This "tip" was originally delivered on Friday, May 1st, 2009 .

It just so happened that while preparing this week’s message
on healing I happened to catch a virus. While in my body I
felt miserable my soul rejoiced that I did not have to worry
about discerning God’s will from this unfortunate circumstance.

God’s will is explained clearly for us in the Bible rightly divided
(1 Tim 2:4 for example). We are instructed to press on
towards the mark of a higher calling despite the poor circumstances
of this life.

Unfortunately for many people illness results in hatred or confusion
towards God. Getting ill is not God’s punishment, neglect, or a
secret message from God.

But after having fought my illness all week I predict that I will be
feeling better for Sunday’s teaching. So if you would excuse me
I’d like to say one thing you may never hear me say again.

Come this Sunday and witness a healing!

Join us Sunday for learning the truth about “Miracles, Healing,
and Experiencing God”!

For His glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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