Email Tips: Why Bible Reading Calendars Fail

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 .

Why don’t bestselling books place a ‘Read this through
in a year’ plan in the end of their book? Don’t they
want people to read their book?

Of course this sounds silly, but it illustrates why
Bible reading calendars are destined to fail. It is not
the calendars’ fault. The best books people can’t put down!

No other book do readers limit themselves to just
the amount of reading a calendar dictates.

Resolve this year to be honest with yourself.
Don’t read a page until you answer this question:
“Why do I desire to read the Bible?”

A calendar will not create in you a desire to study.

If you want to learn some truth, or study some book:
do it! Do it on the first day! Do it on the second day.
Every day ask this question.

Soon you will see that you have stopped merely
reading the Bible and have started learning.

There is a reason that there is not a ‘Study your Bible
through in a year’ plan, but it is what you need.
Start small by choosing 2-3 books to study this year.

For his glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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