Email Tips: Wear Your Faith on Your Sleeve

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 .

When the Broncos scored the most points in franchise history last Sunday the stands were filled with people wearing their support on their sleeves with bright orange.

In contrast there were two or three people proudly wearing green jerseys in support of their beloved Eagles.

How bold those Eagles fans had to be just to identify themselves for who they really were.

If Christians clearly identified what they believed we could make some real progress in ministry.

Instead, Christians are told not to make known their differences or where they might disagree with others.

We are told to all wear the same jersey, even if we believe something entirely different, after all we are all playing for the same God, right?

It is common for people to wear their hearts on their sleeves, why not when it comes to the Bible?

Support your country? Wear a flag on your clothes.

Support cancer research? There’s a magnetic ribbon for your car.

Support dolphin freedom? There’s a wristband for that, too.

Policemen wear their unique insignia proudly on their sleeve, as do soldiers.

When everyone hides what they believe it perpetuates the myth that doctrine does not matter. If you care for it, wear it.

Don’t be ashamed of the gospel of Christ or of Pauline right division. It is not an offense, it is called wearing your heart on your sleeve.

For His glory,

Justin “mid-Acts dispensational King James Bible believer” Johnson

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