Use Questions to Teach

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, December 26th, 2009.

Questions are not only a good way to learn, they
are also an excellent way to teach.

If you want to learn what someone believes. Ask them.
If you want to teach someone what you believe ask
a leading question that will cause them to think
about a dispensational issue.

Here are some examples:

~ If the twelve preached the gospel, why didn’t they
understand the cross?
~ How could God save Saul when Saul did not love
~ Why does Romans 4:5 say God justifies ungodly

At our recent seminar we spent 2 hours answering
and asking questions. I printed 2 pages of questions
sent in from the website, and that was an incomplete

Dozens of questions have already been answered.
As I promised, every question will get a response.

Thank you for your evident desire to learn!

For his glory,

Justin ‘ask and learn’ Johnson

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