Use Bible Language

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, November 24th, 2012.

It has become anathema for anyone to sound too “preachy” in their conversations.

The Bible responds with “how shall they hear without a preacher” (Rom 10:14).

Being preachy is often associated with taking a strong stand and using Bible words like sin, righteousness, grace, holy, and wicked.

It is thought that such words as these should only be used in church, and that by the preacher.

Since these words should not leave church buildings, new and confusing phrases are created to replace them when we minister outside.

Wickedness becomes “your life choices”. There is no such thing as sin only “lifestyles”. Gospel turns into “the story”. Believing the gospel of salvation is changed into “accepting Jesus”.

The language of the Bible is clear. Christianese substitutes are confusing.

The English language and culture was established by using Bible language in everyday conversation. The more you use Bible vocabulary in your everyday language the clearer your conversation and discernment will be.

Don’t be afraid to sound preachy. How shall they hear without a preacher; and, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Unless someone who knows communicates with conviction to people who don’t then nothing will change.

For His Glory,

Justin “preachy” Johnson

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