Email Tips: Update update – 4/28/12

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 .

Every month our mailing list grows with new subscribers.

A goal of the mailing list is to deliver resources for people to use for their learning and teaching of the Bible rightly divided.

From the comments below received during the last month, it seems to be working.

“Just letting you know your studies open up alot for me! Grace and Peace!! Thanks for alll you do!!”

“Appreciate your articles especially on Cornelius – I couldn’t agree more.”

“I am truly enjoying this bible studys.You are really dividing the word of God like it should…Thank you so much for your work. Iam really beginning to understand now.”

Meanwhile, the edification people receive does not come from our thoughtful opinions, but from the word of God rightly divided.

We are just the messengers communicating a message, and what a privilege it is to do so for the Lord.

For His glory,

Grace Ambassadors

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