Email Tips: Unsaved Church People

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 .

The modern Christian tends to think that unsaved people are those who are atheists, or who at least do not go to church. Don’t be deceived in thinking all church going folk are saved.

The unsaved people Paul warned strongly against were religious people who attended religious meetings frequently.

Those who are serious about working their way to heaven are all found inside churches not outside churches.

Atheists make up only a minority of the unsaved demographic. The majority of unsaved people are those who have been to church or go there frequently.

Since they are only nominally Christian, and not really saved, we should call a duck and duck. Many unsaved people go to church and own Bibles.

If you are seeking the lost, you may find them praying the Lord’s prayer at 11am on Sunday mornings. Keep this in mind when talking to other church goers. They may need to hear the gospel, too.

For His glory,

Justin “evangelist” Johnson

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