Email Tips: The History of Ancient Civilizations in Genesis

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 .

According to popular accounts of ancient history, civilization begins in Mesopotamia with the advent of writing and agriculture. Then, a thousand years later the Egyptian empire with its complex society and religions appears.

What happened? How did the nations spread? Genesis has disturbing answers for modern historians.

Genesis describes the origin of sin, marriage; flood ‘legends’; Mesopotamia; and nearly 70 other nations, languages, and ancient families which are still recognized today.

Students of ancient history would not know this from reading popular accounts of world history. Why don’t historians connect the dots of history to Genesis 10?

They know if the dots are connected, it means our history is directly connected to Noah, Methusaleh, and Adam and the accounts of God, sin, and judgement.

This is considered heresy to the modern historian. God, the Bible, and sin cannot be a part of our history, so they leave it out, discarded as fable and myth.

Every historian is biased. Modern historians do not like God’s bias.

They would rather remain ignorant, than to trust the Bible. The Bible describes them (Eph 4:18).

When we reject Bible history we are rejecting true history. When we read the history of nations, religion, languages, and sin in Genesis we are reading our history.

For His glory,

Justin “remember our ancestors” Johnson

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