Tips for Successful Emailing

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Sunday, March 25th, 2012.

We receive a multitude of messages every month from people online. There are always a few that fail to communicate. Here are a few tips for successful emailing and increasing your chance of a quick and efficient response.

  1. Keep it short. (The longer the email, the longer you will wait to get a response … if ever.)
  2. Sign your real name. (Emails with no name go in the trash.)
  3. Be sincere. (Gotchas, trap questions, and dishonest ‘ministry testing’ emails will be stopped immediately.)
  4. Be patient. (Sending repeat emails or emails that demand an answer is selfish and will be deleted.)
  5. Be thankful. (We are all volunteers with full-time jobs elsewhere. We answer emails as a ministry in our free time and not as an obligation. During busy times at home, at work, or at church the email ministry is put on hold.)

Please, please, please search the site before you ask a question: many of the emails we get can be answered from resources on our site. Use the search page, index page, verse by verse section, or audio page. When we have to do the searching for you then you are taking our time away from creating new material.

We love to hear from you. Your emails through the years have been very encouraging and helpful in creating new resources. Following these simple rules makes our communication more enjoyable and edifying for both of us.

Full List of Email Tips
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