The Secret to Remembering Scripture

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Sunday, February 4th, 2024.

Have you ever heard someone rattle off Constitutional amendments from memory? Apparently, they think knowing their rights is useful for their exercise of them.

Anyone that maintains a yard has at least a dozen tools in a shed or garage somewhere. They can probably recall the tools by name (and brand), explain how to use them, and will get irritated when someone else uses them wrong.

Every sports fan can explain from memory detailed rules of their favorite sport, otherwise it would be hard to know what is going on when you watch the game (just ask my wife).

Most people do not have trouble memorizing what they need to know. Most also could not tell you half a dozen Bible verses. Apparently, the Bible is not something they need to know.

Perhaps they think memorizing verses is for preachers or Sunday school children. The rest of us have memes. Others think it is just too hard.

Meanwhile, they walk through life being robbed of the riches they can claim through Christ, reap spiritual problems caused by overgrown weeds and misuse of God’s tools, and are utterly lost about life and the rules by which God operates.

What is the secret to memorizing Bible and recalling it from the top of your head?

You must know how scripture profits (2 Tim 3:16-17).

If you are having trouble remembering scripture (and don’t have a memory problem), it is likely because you don’t see it as beneficial or necessary.

Once you see the profit, you will begin to use it. It will become necessary to get things done and to understand what is going on around you.

At that point, you will have no problem memorizing what you need to know. You will be using it regularly.

For Truth,

Justin “Bible user” Johnson

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