Email Tips: The Power of Observation

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, May 21st, 2022 .

Looking for the secret to Bible study? (It’s not really a secret.)

No, it does not require expert reference books, learning a new language, or laying on of hands.

The first and most important skill in Bible study is to observe the text. This means to notice something with attention and thought.

It is easy to read past details.
It is common to look straight at something and miss it.
It is possible to see only what our mind thinks is there.

How do you exercise the power of observation?

– Believe every word matters.
– Summarize chapters and books.
– Compare similar passages and contrast details.
– Draw lists, maps, charts, and calendars from the Bible.

Observation requires you to keep your eyes on the text. It is easy to get distracted with outside material, what we think should be there, or Christian “helps”.

Being able to make observations from the Bible will cause others to ask, “Where did you go to school? Where did you learn this?”

Then, you will know that they are looking in the wrong place, because you now know the secret – the word of God is in the text and not the training.

For your edification,

Justin “eyes open” Johnson

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