Email Tips: The Most Important Baptism

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 .

Contrary to what many Baptists think, water baptism (or lack thereof) is not the central tenet of mid-Acts dispensational right division.

Nevertheless, there are those who struggle to see the rightness of Paul’s gospel, because they place so much emphasis on the baptistry.

Last month we finished a series on Baptisms in the Bible.

In the study we defined baptism, learned why the Lord’s baptism was not a command, Pentecost was prophesied, and baptisms do not require water at all.

The capstone of the series was two lessons on Paul’s doctrine of our baptism into Christ.

While many argue over the merits, mode, and method of water baptism, the one baptism of the mystery church into Christ requires no water and is largely neglected.

It is this one baptism of every believer into Christ that is responsible for our identity in Christ, our resurrection, our new ministry, our communion, and our inheritance with the Lord.

Listen and learn about our one baptism into Christ, and finally clear up your confusion about baptisms in the Bible.

For His glory,

Justin “baptized” Johnson

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