Email Tips: The Dusty Corners of the Bible

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 .

The Bible is a big book. Not all of it is speaking to us directly. It is natural, then, that some parts of the Bible would collect dust while other pages get worn from use.

Don’t forget about the dusty corners of the Bible.

All of scripture is profitable and necessary, and some of those dusty corners contain forgotten gems.

Some of the darkest corners and smallest books of the Bible unlock difficult passages in bigger and more popular books.

Perhaps it got dusty because in the past you found it too hard. Try again. If you have grown in other areas, perhaps you now have the spiritual eyes to see it more clearly.

Find that book of the Bible you keep avoiding. Study it through and benefit from every word of God.

For God’s grace and glory,

Justin “Bible duster” Johnson

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