Email Tips: The Biggest Objections to M.A.D.

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 14th, 2023 .

It is more important to get the Bible right than to hold a position due to tradition, popularity, or people.

Mid-Acts Pauline dispensational right division is objectionable to many people when they first hear about it. Objections are expected. It is not traditional, popular, nor does it have lots of people, let alone respected scholars or scribes.

But one way you know we are not a cult or trying to defend an autocratic tradition is that we do not shy away from objections. Sometimes we even ask for them. We continue to give time for open Q&A every Sunday and before every meeting.

It is helpful to look in the mirror and be honest about what you see. Many objections I find from my own study before others raise them. This is why it is good to study.

It can also be helpful to get an outside perspective to avoid blind spots. So, I listen to objections from others around me. I read objections from online and in books by popular Bible teachers.

I search out scholarship which might support or oppose my position. Our website responded to many objections over the years and has even helped the objectors aim at the target.

After years of this, I find there are not many novel objections. Are there difficult passages? Yes, these exist for everyone, but none that seem to be strong defeaters.

After considering them all and responding with the Bible rightly divided, I find them wanting. This is why I continue preaching Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery. I believe it is right.

You might be amazed at how thin many initial objections are.

“You are a heretic.” Says you, but why?
“You’re wrong.” Ok, tell me why.
“Just read this verse.” I have. Tell me more.

Do you have the objection that will topple the entire position? Let’s hear it! I have an interest in knowing the crucial point of biblical error that led us off track.

After years of listening, the biggest objections usually come down to disagreeing with the first line in this email.

For Truth,

Justin “I object” Johnson

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