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This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, March 26th, 2011.

In the last few months the traffic to the site has exploded!
More people have subscribed to receive this update in only
three months than all of last year.

Welcome to our new subscribers! It is a privilege to be in
the Lord’s service helping you understand your Bible,
and to clarify the gospel of Christ.

Rightly dividing prophecy from mystery in the Bible has
been opening eyes of sincere students of scripture for
years. I am convinced that it is the answer to denomin-
ational confusion.

The best way to spread this much needed message is by
people like you in whom the word of God works effectually.

There are people who have never heard about the mystery
of Christ. You know them. Send them a link to your favorite
article or audio Bible lesson from the site. Comment on their
blogs with a verse from the Bible rightly divided.

The internet makes evangelism easier. Anyone can do it.
Make it known to all men!

As the great evangelist James Earl Jones used to say, if you
link it they will come!

For his glory,

Justin “e-vangelism” Johnson

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