Email Tips: Study Large Passages

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 .

Do you have studies with a spouse or a group?
Are you studying a large book?
Do you quit after a few weeks, because the
study does not seem to ever finish?

Try studying larger portions in each study. The
study will be more consistent with the context
of the book and will help you grasp a better
understanding of the important doctrines.

You can come back later and study the details on
your own. If your study is once a week, try one
whole chapter a week. Skim and summarize.

That will take four months through Romans.
Still too long? Try three chapters in one session
a week.

Sometimes, the “trouble” passages are just one
or two verses that may not change the context.
Get a bird’s eye view and move on.

In our dispensational chart lessons we cover
1,189 chapters in 1 hour. It is useful for people
who still need an introduction to the material.

If you lead the study it will be helpful for you since
there is less you need to know about the details.
Just the highlights and move on.

For his glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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